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Autumn on the Eastern Shore of Maryland

The hot summer sun goes down and awakens the rise of the Fall season. You start hearing geese fly over in the distance, the corn fields are cut, and darkness comes earlier at the end of each day. A Shore is a well-sought place in the summertime, where people throughout the Chesapeake Bay region enjoy hot […]

5 Ways To Save Energy In Your Home

1. Replace Traditional Light Bulbs with LEDs – Replacing your light bulbs with more energy-efficient LEDs can highly reduce the amount of energy your home is using annually. 2. Ensure Your Home is Properly Insulated—It takes a lot of energy to heat and cool your home during the winter and summer. If your home isn’t […]

Summertime on the Eastern Shore of Maryland

Suppose you ask anyone their favorite season on Maryland’s Eastern Shore; likely Summer, right? Why? Summer’s when things are happening around the local, quaint towns! Warmer days make everyone want to get out and explore after the long winter days of hibernating, especially this year due to COVID. Throughout the Eastern Shore, some of the […]




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