8 Reason Why No One is Buying Your House

8 Reason Why No One is Buying Your House

When selling a home, the adage that the customer is always right probably applies more than in any other sale. You need to make sure that the customer is as comfortable with what you are offering as they possibly can. The best time to know why your house may not be bought is before you put it on the market. That way you can deal with what would keep the client from purchasing before it turns away any client.

The following are some of the specific factors that may lead your house deal may fail.

1. Creaking and sticking door and windows

When a potential client comes to see your house one of the things you expect them to do is to open doors and windows. If the windows and doors are creaky and they stick, the buyer is likely to lose confidence in the entire house. You should ensure that all the doors in the house are working. Doors, in this case, include doors to the wardrobes, cabinets and so on.

2. A leaking or old roof 

One of the main issues with housing is with the roof. A leaking roof is a tremendous discomfort in a house. If the roof is leaking, it leads to the destruction of the ceiling, walls and other parts of the house. Ruined walls further reduce the desirability of the home in the eyes of any buyer. It is also true that roofs have life spans of between 20 and 25 years the process of replacing it is relatively expensive. Few people would like to change the roof soon after buying a house. They would prefer that the roof is replaced before they buy the house. The roof of a house is also one of the most visible parts of it when it is old the house may lose its aesthetic appeal.

3. Damaged gutters 

When gutters are not working, they cause rainwater to fall on the foundation which weakens the house. Rusted and leaking gutters also cause rain to spill on the walls. Water spilling on the walls destroys the appearance of the house thus reducing the value and desirability of the home. It can also necessitate repairs costing thousands of dollars. If your house s in such a state, you would have to sell it at a considerably lower price than the market value so that the buyer can cover the cost of repairs.

4. A faulty heating system 

One of the reasons why people live in houses is so that they can remain protected from extreme weather conditions. You can imagine living in a house with a dysfunctional heating system in Maryland January when the temperatures average 30 degrees Fahrenheit. It would not only be uncomfortable it would also be a health hazard. When a heating system is not working well, a potential customer is likely to lose confidence in the entire house. Those who like other aspects of the house may find it difficult to buy it owing to what it would cost them to replace the heating system. With this in mind, it is essential for you to ensure that you either repair or replace the heating system before putting the house up for sale.

5. Old utilities

When the potential buyers get into a house, they look at the appliances in that place. They want to have, in the house, the devices that will give them the advantage of the latest technology. If your home has appliances from a technological era gone by, it will be difficult to find people interested in buying it. This is especially the case because a good number of home buyers are millennials. For these buyers, appliances from the 20th century just won’t do unless antiques enthuse them. You might find it better to replace the appliances before putting the house on the market.

6. Cracks 

One of the surest ways to get a potential buyer disinterested is by having cracks in your walls and foundation. Everyone knows that cracks are an indication of more serious structural problems in the building. It is for this reason you are going to find it extremely difficult to sell a house with cracks. If you want to sell your home, you will have a better chance of winning buyers if you repair any structural problems in the house and then seal all the cracks. Sealing cracks in the foundation ensure that snow does not get in during winter and further weaken the structure.

7. Unrealistic pricing 

Some sellers think that listing your house at a price higher than the market average, will give them an opportunity to negotiate for the market average. Don’t be one of them. This is always a bad move, home buyers in Maryland usually conduct a market survey to help them determine the average cost of the house they want to buy. If you have quoted the price too high, many buyers are unlikely to inquire about your house thus reducing the possibility of you selling it. If your house remains in the listings for a long time, potential customers conclude that there is something wrong with it. After that, many of them will not even consider your house as an option worth considering.

8. Timing of your sale 

There are certain times of the year when it is difficult to find people to buy your house. If you are keen to sell your home between Thanksgiving and New Year, chances are, you will find it difficult to sell. Many people do not buy homes at that time. If you entirely must sell it, you must offer your buyers a terrific deal.

Once a client or a few of them fail to buy the house due to any of these issues, the reputation of your home will be ruined. Then you will see less and fewer inquiries from potential clients and the possibility of you selling the house will dwindle. It will be next to impossible to change the perception of your home among clients.

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