10 Reasons To Move To Maryland’s Eastern Shore

10 Reasons To Move To Maryland’s Eastern Shore

Eastern Maryland is a gold mine of historical interest, fascinating culture, and natural beauty. Here are 10 reasons to move to Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

People move homes for different reasons. However, when you’re deciding your next home, you need to consider what a place can offer you. Maryland’s Eastern Shore can rival any destination. Whatever is important to you, the state’s most beautiful part has it. While we could list countless reasons to relocate to Maryland, we’ve managed to limit the number to just ten. Check out the reasons below.

1. You’re Never Far From the Beach

Maryland’s Eastern Shore is the quintessential American beach town. On a warm summer’s day, you can plunge into the Atlantic ocean or surf on the wild waves.

When the warmer weather strikes, you can head to the beach to cool down. Forget planning vacations on the coast, you live there now!

2. The Food is Delicious in These Parts

Maryland’s food culture is famous. Especially the fish and seafood, which you can catch yourself. 

The town of Crisfield is called the “Crab Capital of the World” for a reason. There is even a crab themed festival every Labor Day to celebrate the creeper crawlers. 

Do you want to know the best way to sample the crab? Try steaming them fresh and serving in the traditional crab feast fashion.

There is also a growing wine tasting and craft beer movement on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Check out a few locals like RAR Brewing, Triple Creek Winery or Great Shoals Cellars!

3. You’ll see Mesmerizing Protected Wildlife 

Maryland may not be famous for wildlife. You can either head to the Salisbury Zoo or the Plumpton Park Zoo to take the kids on a fun day out. 

Moreover, Marylanders are also extremely proud of the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. Here you can explore the primeval forest and spot the bald eagles flying above you while spending an afternoon in the wildlife paradise.

This is the largest breeding ground for bald eagles anywhere in the country. Other creatures to keep your eye for include the peregrine falcon and the Delmarva fox squirrel.  

In keeping with Maryland’s fish reputation, it is also home to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. The aquarium has over 17,000 marine life species, including sharks and coral reefs. 

4. Moving Here Won’t Break the Bank 

You probably don’t want to break the bank to move to Maryland.

You’re never more than a few hours drive from Washington D.C., yet you don’t have to pay the huge real estate prices to live in the capital.

However, property prices are increasing all the time. Our secret haven is starting to gain popularity and slowly but surely the rest of America is discovering the new “Hamptons” of the Chesapeake Bay. Make sure you invest in a property on Maryland’s Eastern Shore before it’s too late.

5. Successful and Proud Sports Teams

Nearly two-thirds of Americans describe themselves as “sports fans” when asked. If you want to keep up with the local sports teams, you’re in luck when you move to Maryland.

There are The Orioles and the Baltimore Ravens. It doesn’t matter whether you’re cheering during baseball or football season, Marylanders dress in purple and orange when there is a game happening. 

6. There is a Strong Job Market 

Maryland’s economy is the strongest in the country. There are thousands of jobs being created in the state.

The tech and trade sectors are particularly thriving in the state. And also, Maryland’s home to a bunch of federal agencies, such as the National Institute of Health.

7. Access to World-class Healthcare 

If you suffer from illnesses or you’re fit and healthy, a world-class healthcare system is a huge plus for a place. 

Maryland’s Johns Hopkins Hospital is among the best in the country. If you ever require surgery or any other operations, you can confident that you’ll receive the best care here.

8. Bucketloads of Historical Interest 

Do you want to feel like your part of the history of your home state? Maryland certainly has a fascinating history.

As one of the original colonies, Maryland’s history goes back further than most.

You may be surprised to hear that Baltimore was actually the nation’s capital once upon a time. It is also the home town of the great American writer Edgar Allan Poe.

9. Incredible Education for Your Kids

The schools in Maryland’s Eastern Shore are second to none.

There is no other state which has more schools in the prestigious Newsweek’s Top 160 schools lists. You can be confident that your kids are getting the education they deserve.

Time for college? You can pretty much find every kind of college or university in Maryland.

Do your kids want to go to a liberal art college? Send them to St. Johns College or Goucher College.

There’s also the famous Johns Hopkins University, which is also one of the highest-ranked colleges in the nation. Your kids will get a first-class education here.

10. The Great Outdoors 

The average American spends up to 93 percent of their life indoors. That’s too much time sitting behind a desk or watching television inside.

It’s not always easy to get outside when you don’t live near the great outdoors. And yet, Maryland’s got a reputation as “America in Miniature.”

Why? That’s because the state has a little bit of everything. 

We’ve already spoken about the beautiful beaches and natural wildlife. But, you can experience every aspect of the “great outdoors” here.

Do you want to boat along the St. Michaels Marina? Or is the charming farmland landscapes in Dorchester County more your speed?

Ready to Move to Maryland’s Eastern Shore?

There are many reasons why you should move to Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Convinced by our reasons?

It could be for the educational opportunity or the chance to receive high-quality healthcare. This is the state for you!

Do you want to find out more about moving to Maryland? Get in touch with me immediately for more answers!